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February 11 2013


Ancient City of Polonaruwa

Polonnurawa is positioned at a distance of 215 km from Colombo capital of Sri Lanka in medieval tunes. Used by the Sri Lankan kings as a ‘country residence’ from the 7th century, Polonnurawa became Sri Lanka’s capital in the 11th century AD. You must visit this place if you are on a Sri Lanka Tours .

During its time the city as fortified with three concentric walls, beautified with parks and gardens and sanctified by many a shrine and sacred place. The city and the surrounding area were watered by a unique irrigational complex known as the Sea of Parakrama (Parakrama Samudra).

Places to See in Sri Lanka Holidays :

Parakarma Samudra: Parakarma Samudra is a man made irrigation tank spread over an area of 5940 acres, built by the King Parakramabahu. It is one of the most striking features of Polonnurawa.

Royal Citadel: The Citadel housed the palace and the administrative buildings of King Prakramabahu who ruled inl2th century AD and is enclosed by a huge rampart more than a meter thick. It is an impressive building with fine stone carvings. The Royal Bath is outside the rampart with a flight of steps leading to it. The beautiful bath is made of stone with a small pavilion probably used as a changing room.

Gal Vihara: It is a rock cut Buddhist shrine dating back to 12th century AD. It contains magnificent images of Buddha carved out of stone.

Vata-Da-Ge: A circular relic chamber built enclosing a dagoba that had been a popular architectural style in ancient Sri Lanka.

Hatadage: A relic chamber built by King Parakramabahu Ito house the sacred Tooth Relic.

Lotus Pond: A stone pond built in the shape of a lotus flower in eight parallel tiers probably to provide seating to the monks while bathing. These places are amazing to visit in tours to Sri Lanka

January 31 2013


Welcome to Galle City

By 10.30AM the train arrived to Galle railway station. I was bit tired so I decided to pay a visit to the men’s room to relax. After resting for about 30 minutes, it was time for me to get the breakfast. I went down the road to find a place to eat. I found a little boutique down the road and I ordered something really weird. This food was like strings attached in a coil, noodles like. By name it was string hoppers. It sure made me laugh while eating with a very spicy chilly and onion salad with dhal curry.   Then I had a wonderful Sri Lankan tea. I knew this was going to be the best Sri Lanka Tour ever.

After filling the stomach, I decided to go out for a little walk in the town. Galle town was bit different from the towns I encountered on the way. Colombo was like more developed and organized than Galle. Galle was not very polluted like Colombo. I decided to visit Galle fort in the afternoon. I got friendly with a local who was selling delicious pineapple and he showed me the way to the beach. I took a tuk tuk to get there. One thing I noticed about Sri Lanka is that the people are very friendly. Their hospitality is amazing. The beach was too hot. I hung there long enough to make me hungry. So I decided to check in to the hotel I booked before coming here. So there I went ending another day in my Sri Lanka Holidays .

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