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February 11 2013


Ancient City of Polonaruwa

Polonnurawa is positioned at a distance of 215 km from Colombo capital of Sri Lanka in medieval tunes. Used by the Sri Lankan kings as a ‘country residence’ from the 7th century, Polonnurawa became Sri Lanka’s capital in the 11th century AD. You must visit this place if you are on a Sri Lanka Tours .

During its time the city as fortified with three concentric walls, beautified with parks and gardens and sanctified by many a shrine and sacred place. The city and the surrounding area were watered by a unique irrigational complex known as the Sea of Parakrama (Parakrama Samudra).

Places to See in Sri Lanka Holidays :

Parakarma Samudra: Parakarma Samudra is a man made irrigation tank spread over an area of 5940 acres, built by the King Parakramabahu. It is one of the most striking features of Polonnurawa.

Royal Citadel: The Citadel housed the palace and the administrative buildings of King Prakramabahu who ruled inl2th century AD and is enclosed by a huge rampart more than a meter thick. It is an impressive building with fine stone carvings. The Royal Bath is outside the rampart with a flight of steps leading to it. The beautiful bath is made of stone with a small pavilion probably used as a changing room.

Gal Vihara: It is a rock cut Buddhist shrine dating back to 12th century AD. It contains magnificent images of Buddha carved out of stone.

Vata-Da-Ge: A circular relic chamber built enclosing a dagoba that had been a popular architectural style in ancient Sri Lanka.

Hatadage: A relic chamber built by King Parakramabahu Ito house the sacred Tooth Relic.

Lotus Pond: A stone pond built in the shape of a lotus flower in eight parallel tiers probably to provide seating to the monks while bathing. These places are amazing to visit in tours to Sri Lanka

February 07 2013


Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

One of the best experience I had in Sri Lanka was going on the little sea trip. The sea off the cost of Mirissa offers a once in a life time opportunity for visitors as it is currently becoming a major hotspot for spotting Whales and Dolphins. The main port of Sri Lanka for watching Whales and dolphins is Dondra Point of Down south because it is located closely to their migration path. The season for sighting these mammals are during the months of November to April, out of which December, march to  August are the peak months, during these months the probability of spotting sperm whales and blue whales are very high moreover the changes of spotting Spinner Dolphins off Dondra point are also high. There are two vessels that make the four hour excursion, these vessels travel up to 15 marine miles to obtain a closer view. This is something you should experience if you are already in Sri Lanka Tours .

January 31 2013


Welcome to Galle City

By 10.30AM the train arrived to Galle railway station. I was bit tired so I decided to pay a visit to the men’s room to relax. After resting for about 30 minutes, it was time for me to get the breakfast. I went down the road to find a place to eat. I found a little boutique down the road and I ordered something really weird. This food was like strings attached in a coil, noodles like. By name it was string hoppers. It sure made me laugh while eating with a very spicy chilly and onion salad with dhal curry.   Then I had a wonderful Sri Lankan tea. I knew this was going to be the best Sri Lanka Tour ever.

After filling the stomach, I decided to go out for a little walk in the town. Galle town was bit different from the towns I encountered on the way. Colombo was like more developed and organized than Galle. Galle was not very polluted like Colombo. I decided to visit Galle fort in the afternoon. I got friendly with a local who was selling delicious pineapple and he showed me the way to the beach. I took a tuk tuk to get there. One thing I noticed about Sri Lanka is that the people are very friendly. Their hospitality is amazing. The beach was too hot. I hung there long enough to make me hungry. So I decided to check in to the hotel I booked before coming here. So there I went ending another day in my Sri Lanka Holidays .

January 15 2013


Fort Railway Station

In the first days of my Sri Lanka Holidays , I wanted to visit Galle, so I had booked the intercity train to Galle. Galle is located in down south Sri Lanka. It was going to be an amazing journey. I was so excited. I had to go to the fort railway station to pre-book my ticket to Galle. I took a three wheeler or the famous tuk tuk to Fort railway station. It was crowded by the time I got there. But without hesitation I inquired a person on the street about the ticket booking counter. Sadly he was not good at speaking English so I had to move on to someone else. There was a middle aged woman in the platform. I went to her and asked about the counter. First she greeted me with a smile and pointed me to the correct direction to the country. After finding the counter I had to stay in a queue to order my ticket. After about twenty minutes I was able to purchase the ticket for the train.


The very next day I went early to the railway station to start my journey to Galle. When it was almost 7.25 AM the train arrived to the platform I got in and at 7.30AM the train started leaving for Galle. It was an amazing experience to see the view in coastal area. The train was heading to the very fast and I was glad to see sea side of southern Sri Lanka. This made my first train trip in Sri Lanka Holidays an amazing one.

December 13 2012


Sri Lanka vs Indian

While my spending my Sri Lanka Holidays, one of the most amazing things I've encountered is the Sri Lanka vs India cricket match. It was an amazing event where lots of people are enjoying together regardless of any race or culture. Cricket has been the greatest game in their culture for a century. After ordering the tickets online, I prepared myself for the task. 

After collecting the tickets, I came to the R. Premadasa Stadium at about 10.30AM. The match started at 11.05AM. From the beginning it was amazing Sri Lanka played an amazing innings. By the end of 50 overs they scored 254 runs with 10 sixes and 18 fours. The crowd was very excited and live. I was over enjoying this match as Sri Lankan started the second half of the innings.

Indian wickets started falling like rain drops after Muttiah Muralitharan started bowling. However Sri Lanka won after few hours with sparkling celebrations and people started lighting fire crackers. It was an amazing day for Sri Lanka as well as me. I came back to the hotel with amazing memories of my sri Lanka holidays


December 06 2012


My best traveling experience was to Sri Lanka. It was an amazing trip I never forget. I was young and very energetic when I started traveling to Sri Lanka. I met lots of friends, people and I experienced many wonderful things.

It all started when I wanted to go somewhere for my second semester vacation. I was so excited and all of my friends were going to European countries while I was working for the summer. I was not very fond of going to European countries. I wanted to do something totally different. So I decided to do a little research by myself. I started reading books about the holidays and vacations. Somehow I wanted to spend an exotic vacation in Asian region. I went through lots of countries that are chosen by common wealthy people. My first three suggestions were India, Japan and Pakistan. But I searched for more. I looked out for something unique and exotic. After going though hours and hours pages and pages I found a little country or an Island called Sri Lanka. I was so excited to read about it. I bought few books from the books store about it. I was so trilled because I found my dream location to travel.

As soon as I set my mind to travel to Sri Lanka I called my aunt in Birmingham to get an opinion about my idea. She agreed without a hesitation. She was my mentor when I was in high school and her opinion mattered to me a lot. I was so happy with her answer and she advised me in few things. I started getting stuff for the journey ahead while collecting more information about the Island of Ceylon. I research through websites and read about Sri Lanka. I watched few videos about Sri Lanka. I was terrified to know that there is a civil war going in Sri Lanka. But I got to know that living and the society is friendly in Sri Lanka. I was so relieved to know these details and I started gathering summer clothes, medical stuff and other necessary items for my expedition as I call it. And I found a wonderful tour agent who made my Sri Lanka Holidays truly amazing

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Choosing a Tour Operator for Sri Lanka

Choosing a proper tour operator for Sri Lanka is a bit hard this. With the budget and your concerns it will be harder than you think for sure. If you are new to traveling, you will probably get confused about what I'm saying. Read this article to the end to understand the true advantage of having a tour operator.

From your London, you wont be able to determine the places you will visit the time it will take you to visit those places and what kind of environment will be there. You can only find few information on Google. Other than that you are helpless. This is where the tour operator role comes in. Tour operator will create a travel itinerary behalf of you on your favor and manage your time and money based on where you want to visit. They will arrange everything for you even the airport pick up. Other than that they will provide you accommodation like hotel foods and everything will be on top of your palm. keep it in your mind that you are the visitor and only locals knows the best about those places. But I'm really happy to say with a tour operator you don't have to worry about those stuff. You will be totally safe in those areas as they will provide you a onsite guide to guide you. Specialty about these guides are that they are multi-lingual professionals who knows the best for your stay. Always listen to them and stay on the course.

Please note that these information I gave you are truly based on my last Sri Lanka Holidays where I had the most amazing vacation ever. Journey Lanka Holidays Pvt(Lt) was my tour operator and they were the best.    

November 07 2012


How to simplify your business

Running a business is not easy. There are so many elements to deal with on a day-to-day basis that even the cleverest manager can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Still, as much as you want the business to be successful, it is important to find ways to achieve this while still maintaining a satisfactory work-life balance. By finding ways to simplify the running of the business, you can maximise efficiency and profits even as you reduce your own workload and stress levels. It is all about finding ways to work smarter.

The most fundamental factor here is organisation. If you’re not organised in your working life, your productivity will suffer. Still, a surprising number of people feel that they’re too busy to step back and spend time getting organised, choosing instead to continue ploughing ahead while sinking ever deeper into an organisational mess.

It is much better to make the effort to get your working practices in order and then keep them that way – you’ll end up saving time and hassle in the long run. You can also identify areas of your business that are a particular drain on your resources by keeping track of everything you do in a week and working out where the bulk of your time goes – this will help you pick out factors to focus on first.

To start, make sure you have effective filing and document management systems in place. Using an online filing system such as Googledocs means everyone can access documents when needed and collaborate on work online. This may also help cut down on face-to-face meeting time – sometimes an email update or group instant messaging chat may be all that is required.

To organise and cut down on non-essential correspondence, set up separate email accounts and phone systems for business and personal use. In your email inbox, create rules to separate your messages into relevant folders, and develop templates for dealing with routine correspondence.

Accounts are a hugely important part of any business, but they can occupy serious amounts of your time. Rather than employing an accountant, or diverting all your own efforts into managing your business finances, try online accounting software. These programmes can be lifesavers in terms of saving time and money, keeping track of expenses, invoices, estimates, profit tracking and more. Make sure you also look into online banking services offered by your bank – these can be great for increasing efficiency.

Similar systems are available for managing human resources – these can help take care of payroll, holiday requests, absences, and even recruitment. Customer services can also be managed online, using an integrated email and social media system. However, to cut down on routine customer queries, make sure that your website has comprehensive and up-to-date information on your company – this will often satisfy many of the more basic questions.

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